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Buy Cricut Pens for Your Design Space Online

Be it the Maker or the Explore Line, Cricut machines are robust creative tools. Most artists use the Cricut machines for cutting out shapes, writing and designing using the pens. While using the Cricut pens for maker is quite easy, a novice must start with the basics. If you have just bought the Cricut machine and are eager to test your designing skills, keep moving forward.

When Should You Buy Cricut Pens?

The Cricut pens for maker are used to add design details to your crafts projects. You can design pre-cut labels and gift tags using your Design Space Library.

Your Cricut maker design machine has two clamps; one to hold the blades and the other clamp to hold crafts accessories such as the pens. The Design Space Library prompts the user to insert a pen in slot A to start designing.

Extensive Range of Cricut Pens for Maker

Over the past few years, Cricut has expanded their range of drawing pens. As of now, you have pens of different weights and colors to control how the lines appear on your designing project. With several options in between, the weight of Cricut pens range from Calligraphy (2.5) to Extra Fine tip (0.3). Both, the color and the weight are mentioned on the pen for easy reference.

The Fine Point Cricut Maker pens are available in more than 30 colors while the calligraphy pens are readily available in golden and black colors. Moreover, the gel pens come in 5-pack sets with a weight of (0.8). The smaller design projects look better and detailed with the use of 0.3- to 0.8-weight Maker pens.

Already have a Maker at home? Play with extra fine tip and gel pens to see which type you like for your craft projects. Experiment with colors and become a pro at home!