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Heat press machines for your printing business

The best heat press machines in Pakistan prints your designs on hats, cups, shoes, and t-shirts. It is one of the essential tools if you have decided to start a design and art business. It also comes in handy when you want to add cool t-shirts in your wardrobe. A simple ironing machine could also transfer the vinyl designs but the majority of people prefer using a heat press device. At a reasonable price, you can explore different features, such as the adjustable temperature, built-in timers, and various pressure levels.

From classic to mini heat press machines, Cricut is the best choice for crafters who want to work on small-scale projects.

What is the best heat press machine for your printing business in Pakistan?

The art and craft accessories you utilize in your business make or break your profit. It is substantial to choose a good device if you want to produce and sell high-quality goods.

If you want a heat press machine that is universally ideal for a printing business, do not overlook these characteristics:

Accurate temperature

Most of the customized printing methods require an overall temperature of 320F. If the machine fails to maintain this temperature, the digital print would not adhere to the t-shirt or survive the repeated washes.

Moreover, the temperature must be accurate across the whole surface. A 300F temperature on the edges would result in nothing but a disaster. The edges of the design will be peeled off after the first wash.

Accurate pressure

Unlike die-cutting machines, you have to consider the pressure in heat press devices as well. If your design has spangles and rhinestones, pressure accuracy is key to producing a high-quality t-shirt. Many heat press machines have a digital pressure meter while others have a knob to adjust it. Tejar.pk prefers machines with digital screens as it is easier to read and change the pressure.


The heat press machines are used throughout the day, therefore, the construction and build of the heat press machine should stand up.

Customer support and warranty

The best heat press is the one that comes with a genuine warranty and great technical support. With a business running, you need assistance right away.

Whether you want to start a side gig or ramp up your style with customized t-shirts, a heat press machine from Tejar.pk is going to help you prepare the best designs.