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Buy self-healing cutting mats for your art project

Whether you’re an aspiring artist or just helping your kid with the art project, not damaging the drawing surface will be on top of your life. If you have faced this incident before, try self-healing cutting mats from Tejar.pk.

Let’s begin with what is a self-healing mat and why it is one of the essential craft accessories.

What is a self-healing cutting mat?

As the name suggests, it is a mat used for various art and craft projects, especially while sewing. If your work involves using a utility knife or a rotary cutter, you’d require a self-healing cutting mat to prevent the work area from damaged. They are quite useful while quilting, sewing, printing, or using cutting blades.

The drawing mats available at Tejar.pk have a grid guide for accurate measurements and cuts. Make clean cuts while safeguarding your working desk.

The self-healing cutting mats are durable and made of polypropylene, vinyl, rubber, and glass. The drawing mats for hard surfaces are smooth, rugged, and stiff. The blade skims over the surface and does not cut through the mat.

On the contrary, soft drawing mats offer flexibility and are a lot thinner. They incorporate a 5-layer structure and are only 2.5 mm in thickness. So which type of drawing mat is the best to work with your craft tools?

Well, you should opt for thin self-healing cutting mats if you plan to sew. Otherwise, hard drawing mats are best for electric knife cutting art projects.

Why should you buy drawing mats online?

The self-healing drawing mats safeguard your work area from sharp cuts usually made by the rotary cutter. Moreover, it prevents the blade from getting blunt over time.

The cutting mats incorporate an elastic surface. Regardless of how you use the rotary cutter, the blade will pass through the small gaps. The remaining property of the cutting mat will turn the drawing mat back into its original shape.

A rotary blade cutter comes with a high risk of ruining your favorite piece of furniture. To ensure that you make precise cuts, you need a self-healing mat. It is best to explore your size options on Tejar.pk before adding a mat to the shopping cart.

A self-healing cutting mat is by far, the best investment any art lover can make. Regardless of the type of art project, you’re working on, a drawing mat will always be on your side.