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All about vinyl crafting – What accessories do you need?

Do you enjoy creating new art projects or working with new materials and craft tools? Are you a crafter who goes to extraordinary lengths for your designs? If yes, you are probably on the lookout for new art and craft accessories. is a reliable online store to get plenty of art staples for extraordinary crafters.

Here at our store, you can introduce your talent to a whole world of vinyl work. The majority of art enthusiasts give it less consideration because vinyl is not the flashiest material. But when it comes to crafting, vinyl gives an instant pop of color. Moreover, vinyl is also used for flooring, shoes, and clothing.

Vinyl crafting – Do you have the right supplies?

Vinyl has a specific definition and application in the artistic world. Vinyl material can help you create any type of design on temporary surfaces before you can transfer them to permanent ones. For instance, you can use Cricut heat transfer vinyl to create personalized greeting cards, car decals, or t-shirt decals. has an extensive range of Cricut heat-transfer vinyl rolls and transfer tapes that can be used in a variety of applications.

What are the different types of vinyl available at

Vinyl is a versatile material and comes in a variety of patterns. Let’s take a look at the types of vinyl rolls available online:

Heat-transfer vinyl

Heat-transfer vinyl is more complicated to work with, as compared to adhesive vinyl. It only adheres to the surface when you apply heat. The material is pliable, flexible, and thin but is heat-activated. However, adhesive vinyl is pressure-activated. But make sure that the fabric you are using to transfer the design can withstand the heat.

What tools do you need for vinyl crafting?

You can’t accomplish anything without good tools such as a drawing mat, heat transfer device, cutting blades, and a die-cutting machine. Just as sewing projects require scissors and threads, you need the right tool kit for vinyl crafting.

If you already possess an electronic cutting machine to cut the vinyl into different sizes and shapes, it is time to start the process by buying the vinyl rolls online. We provide high-end vinyl rolls in Pakistan at competitive prices. Just choose your pattern and get started right away!