Barska Gun and Rifle Cleaning Kit Price in Pakistan

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Model: AW11446


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27 Piece Kit, Solid brass rods for shotguns, rifles and pistols, 1 Universal handle, Handle adaptor for .17 cal. rods, 2 Brass accessory adaptors,®Two slotted tips, 5 Mops, Cloth patches, Aluminum carrying case.

When it comes to equipping a hunter with every tool he or she needs to be ultimately successful in the pursuit of the kill, there is perhaps no more essential and sought-after tool than the gun cleaning kit. Barska, of course, would be remiss if it didn't offer its own premium solution to the hunter who needed to give his or her gun a thorough cleaning and, to that end, the company has engineered its own 27-piece gun cleaning kit which can make the whole process a bit easier, more enjoyable, and more high-quality than lesser competitors which are often sold in smaller retail shops and hobbyist stores.

A Commitment to Quality Materials at Barska

The single universal handle that comes with the company's well-outfitted gun cleaning kit can play host to more than 25 unique pieces which are designed to clean guns and rifles of varying sizes and uses. These brushes are all made of brass, which is by far the most high-quality and most sought-after gun cleaning material on the market. There is simply nothing more effective than a brass brush when it comes time to clean a gun, and the people responsible for creating Barska's broad line of products know that most hunters will specifically seek out a gun cleaning kit that contains primarily brass components.

Despite the brass construction which characterizes the actual brushes for cleaning the gun or rifle itself, Barska packs the whole kit into a durable aluminum case which will withstand the elements and stresses of life in the great outdoors. This, again, is part of the company's commitment to quality materials and increased durability, and it's especially notable in a world which has shifted increasing to plastic cases and holders which are prone to cracking and other damage under even the slightest bit of stress or inclement weather.

Don't Go Without a High-Quality Gun Cleaning Kit

When it comes to maintaining perhaps the most expensive investment a hunter will ever make in order to fuel his or her hobby, a gun cleaning kit is the best way to ensure that a gun is as long lasting as it is cutting-edge and accurate. Do not forego the gun cleaning process and, when pursing the right kit for the job, always place an extremely high value on the quality of the components rather than there mere number of rods or brushes. Take it from Barska: The best kits are brass, aluminum, well-stocked, and easy to maintain over the long-term.

In the Box

  • 10 Brass wire brushes
    • 10/12 gauge
    • 20/28 gauge
    • .410 gauge
    • .45 cal.
    • .40 cal.
    • .357/.38cal. , .9mm
    • .30 cal.
    • .270/.280 cal.
    • .22 cal.
    • .17 cal.
  • 5 Mops
  • 2 Brass accessory adaptors
  • 2 Slotted tips
  • 1 Universal handle
  • Handle adaptor for .17 cal. rods
  • Cloth patches
  • Aluminum carrying case