Barska 32x80mm Anchormaster Classic Brass Telescope Mahogany Tripod Price in Pakistan

By: Barska

Model: AA10620

Sku: NK0D8GON52

PKR 259,999

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  • Polished Brass Refractor
  • Mahogany Floor Tripod
  • Internal Image-Correcting Lens
  • Helical Focusing Rings
  • Brass Arc Mount
  • Brass Tripod Fittings
  • Aperture 80mm
  • Fixed 32x Magnification
  • Focal Length 600mm
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The 32x80 Anchormaster Telescope from Barska, besides being a stunning addition to any décor, is a high magnification, large objective telescope suited for both celestial and terrestrial viewing. The 32 power magnification brings the sails cresting the horizon in for a closer look or the moon's rugged terminator detailed for further study. A brass arc/cradle mount allows the scope to move smoothly in all directions. A refractor design with helical focusing rings and internal image-correcting lens provides right-side-up images and hours of viewing pleasure. This polished brass scope and mahogany extendable leg tripod is nothing more than classical elegance and traditional sophistication coupled with powerful telescopic ability.

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  • Barska 32x80mm Anchormaster Classic Brass Telescope Mahogany Tripod
  • Mahogany Tripod with Brass Tray