ASUS Z10PE-D16 Powerful Expandability with Supreme Computing Power Motherboard Price in Pakistan


Model: Z10PE-D16


Availability: Out of stock New

Availability: Out of stock

  • Processor / System Bus: 2 x Socket R3 (LGA 2011-3; Square type 80x80mm;The maximum length of the heatsink screw thread is 3.7mm.)
  • Core Logic: Intel C612 PCH
  • Memory: Maximum up to 1024GB LRDIMM
  • Expansion Slots: Total Slot : 5, Slot Location 1 : PCI-E x8 (Gen3 X4 Link), MIO supported, Slot Location 2 : PCI-E x16 (Gen3 X16 Link), Slot Location 3 : PCI-E x8 (Gen3 X8 Link), Slot Location 4 : PCI-E x16 (Gen3 X16 Link), Slot Location 6 : PCI-E x16 (Gen3 X16 Link),
  • Form Factor: EEB (12"x13", 305mm x 330mm)
  • ASUS Features: FAN speed control
  • Storage: 10 x SATA3 6Gb/s ports
  • Networking: Dual Port Intel Ethernet Controller i350-AM2 + Mgmt LAN
  • Graphic: Aspeed AST2400 with 32MB VRAM
  • On Board I/O: TPM header, PSU Power Connector (24-pin SSI power connector + 8-pin SSI 12V + 8-pin SSI 12V power connector), USB 3.0 pin header , Up to 2 Devices, USB 2.0 pin header, 9 x Fan Header , 4pin, SMBus, Chassis Intruder, 2 x Front LAN LED, Serial Port Header, M.2 Connector , NGFF Type : 2242, Capacity : 16~128GB
  • Management Solution: ASWM Enterprise
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Mass storage capacity and additional OS storage

Z10PE-D16 is equipped with ten 6 Gb/s SATA ports, offering support for mass storage capacity. In an alternative configuration, Z10PE-D16 has nine 6 b/s SATA and an M.2 slot for a solid-state drive — ideal for an operating system boot drive! In this generation, ASUS has a whole new PIKE solution, standard PCI-E form factor for user to equip with multiple PIKE II cards on one motherboard which maximizes the expandability and utilizations. Just placing the PIKE II card, Z10PE-D16 can immediately enlarge the capacity, upgrade to 12G solution and improve the performance, making it the great upgrade option.

5 expansion slots

Z10PE-D16 has great expandability with five expansion ports: three PCI Express 3.0 x16 slots and two PCI Express 3.0 x8 slots. Additionally, Z10PE-D16 is equipped for a diverse range of applications including the usage of multiple host bus adapters (HBA).

Premium components for premium efficiency

ASUS Z10 server board series design the premium power solution with the hand-chosen components and provide premium efficiency which is up to 94%. The premium power solution consist 4 pillars to achieve the 94% premium efficiency: Beat Thermal Choke, Dr. MOS, 12K capacitor and Digi+ VRM. A special fin design of Beat-Thermal-Choke results in 3-5℃-lower choke temperatures and raise the stability, and translates into minimal-loss power delivery. The Dr. MOS is a proven stable circuit integrated MOSFET, which can optimize the switching performance and contribute the efficiency to the system. ASUS DIGI+ VRM design empowers users with superior flexibility and has the perfect precision to ensure optimized performance, extreme system stability. Moreover, ASUS is the world’s first server manufacturer to introduce 12K solid capacitors which are able to withstand up to 1,200,000 hours of temperatures as high as 65°C (12K hours 105°C). These 12K capacitors can also lower equivalent series resistance (ESR) and thus to increase efficiency and minimal heat generation.

Quick Initialization Guidance

The ASUS Z10 Series features quick initialization guidance which lets users realize system initialization state in seconds; furthermore users are able to diagnose system instantly through POST code message in the POST stage. The quick initialization guidance during the POST includes 2 phases. In phase 1 -- POST in seconds, the screen lightens in seconds to make users instantly access to system initializing status. In phase 2, device scanning information and 2-digit POST code messages are available to give users a total understanding of startup process and to clearly indicate boot-up status which is easy for maintenance.

In the Box

  • ASUS Z10PE-D16 Powerful Expandability with Supreme Computing Power Motherboard
  • 3 x Support DVD
  • IO Shield
  • Cable Set
  • 3 x Support DVD
  • IO Shield