ASUS Sabertooth X58 Motherboard Price in Pakistan


Model: Sabertooth X58

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Availability: Out of stock

  • Intel® LGA1366 socket for Intel Core i7 Processor Extreme Edition / Core i7 Processor
  • Intel X58/ ICH10R
  • CeraM!X Heatsink Coating Tech. - Larger area for heat dissipation with the revolutionary ceramics-coating technology
  • TUF Components (Alloy Choke, Cap. & MOSFET; certified by military-standard) - Certified for Tough Duty
  • E.S.P. [Efficient Switching Power Design] - Optimal power efficiency for key components
  • True USB 3.0 & SATA 6Gb/s Support
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TUF /tΛf/, stands for The Ultimate Force.

The TUF series delivers a “tough” image. With the unique design & high quality components (military-standard), TUF series is born for pursuing the preeminent stability, all-round compatibility, and extreme durability

CPU, Chipset, Memory and Graphics features

LGA1366 Intel Core i7 Ready

This motherboard supports the latest Intel Core i7 processors in LGA1366 package with integrated memory controller to support 3-channel (6 DIMMs) DDR3 memory. Supports Intel QuickPath Interconnect (QPI) with a system bus of up to 6.4 GT/s and a max bandwidth of up to 25.6 GB/s. Intel Core i7 processor is one of the most powerful and energy efficient CPUs in the world.

Intel X58

The Intel X58 Express Chipset is one of the most powerful chipset designed to support the Intel Core i7 Processors with LGA1366 package and Intel next generation system interconnect interface, Intel QuickPath Interconnect (QPI), providing improved performance by utilizing serial point-to-point links, allowing increased bandwidth and stability. It also supports up to 36 PCI Express 2.0 lanes providing better graphics performance.

Triple-Channel DDR3 1866/1800/1600/1333/1066 support

The motherboard supports DDR3 memory that features data transfer rates of 1866/1800/1600/1333/1066 MHz to meet the higher bandwidth requirements of the latest 3D graphics, multimedia, and Internet applications. The triple-channel DDR3 architecture enlarges the bandwidth of your system memory to boost system performance.

Quad-GPU SLI and Quad-GPU CrossFireX Support!

SABERTOOTH X58 brings you the multi-GPU choice of either SLI or CrossFireX. The motherboard features the most powerful Intel X58 platform to optimize PCIe allocation in multiple GPU configurations. Expect a brand-new gaming style you’ve never experienced before!

"Ultimate COOL!" Thermal Solution

CeraM!X - Heatsink Coating Tech.

Larger area for heat dissipation with the revolutionary ceramics-coating technology: Innovative ceramics effectively conducts heat away from the system. It replaces traditional anti-oxidant to dissipate heat better with its microscopic irregular surface and enlarged area. Better cooling leads to overall improvement in system stability.

Fan Xpert

Active Quiet & Cool

Fan Xpert intelligently allows users to adjust both the CPU and chassis fan speed according to different ambient temperature , which is caused by different climate conditions in different geographic regions and system loading.Built-in variety of useful profiles offer flexible controls of fan speed to achieve a quiet and cool environment.

"TUF ENGINE!" Power Design

E.S.P. - Efficient Switching Power Design

Optimal power efficiency for key components: Exclusively for this motherboard, the switching power design is provided not only for the CPU, but also for other key components such as graphics card, PCI slots, and chipsets. E.S.P. dramatically improves system efficiency and reduces heat generation.

TUF Components (Alloy Choke, Cap. & MOSFET; certified by military-standard)

Certified for Tough Duty

et rugged performance even in the most challenging conditions with robust chokes, capacitors, and MOSFETs--certified through third-party, military-grade testing.

TUF Chokes, also known as the “Alloy Choke”, is a made of a compound of various types of metal instead standard iron, enables the support of up to a massive 40A of rated current, 25% higher than conventional component. Furthermore, the single piece packaging also eliminates the emission of vibration noise, delivering superb characteristics as well as durability under extreme conditions.

"Safe & Stable!" Guardian Angel


Any Memory is A-OK! MemOK! quickly ensures memory boot compatibility. This remarkable memory rescue tool requires a mere push of a button to patch memory issues. MemOK! determines failsafe settings and dramatically improves your system boot success. Get your system up and running in no time!

Future Transfer Technology Enjoyment

True USB 3.0 Support

10X Faster Date Rates! Experience ultra-fast data transfers at 4.8Gbps with USB 3.0—the latest connectivity standard. Built to connect easily with next generation components and peripherals, USB 3.0 transfers data 10X faster and is also backward compatible with USB 2.0 components.

True SATA 6Gb/s RAID Support

Experience the Future of Storage!

Supporting next-generation Serial ATA (SATA) storage interface, this motherboard delivers up to 6.0Gb/s data transfer rates. Additionally, get enhanced scalability, faster data retrieval, double the bandwidth of current bus systems.

In the Box

  • ASUS Sabertooth X58 Motherboard
  • SLI Bridge
  • 2-in-1 Q-Connector
  • 2 x SATA 6Gbps Cables
  • 2 x SATA 3Gbps Cables
  • ASUS Q-Shield
  • Support Disc
  • User's Manual