ASUS ROG Poseidon GTX 980 4GB GDDR5 Graphic Card Price in Pakistan


Model: Poseidon-GTX980-4GD5


Availability: Out of stock New

Availability: Out of stock

  • DirectCU H2O: 2X cooler with water cooling. 15% Cooler with air cooling.
  • DIGI+ VRM with 10-phase Super Alloy Power: deliver 30% less power noise and 2.5X greater durability.
  • Japanese-made black metallic capacitors: 20% better temperature endurance and 5X longer lifetime usage.
  • ROG LED light: pulsate in glorious red when the card is active.
  • GPU Tweak: modify clock speeds, voltage and more via an intuitive interface.
  • GPU Tweak Streaming:let you share on-screen action in real time – so others can watch live as games are played.
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DirectCU H2O Hybrid Cooling

Complete flexibility for either air or liquid cooling

DirectCU H2O is a hybrid thermal solution that combines the vapor chamber and water channel with standard G1/4- inch threaded fittings to easily accommodate existing liquid cooling equipment. With liquid, DirectCU H2O achieves up to 2 times(27°C) lower temperatures while reducing noise- up to 3X quieter.

Dust-Proof Fans

25% longer graphics card lifespan

Unique fan design extends longevity by 25% by increased dust and particle resistance while efficiently dissipates heat for optimal performance.

DIGI+ VRM with Black Metallic Capacitors

30% less power noise and 5X greater durability

ROG Poseidon GTX 980 features a 10-phase Super Alloy Power along with acclaimed DIGI+VRM (voltage –regulation module). DIGI+ VRM is a digital voltage regulation that provides ample room for overclocking and performance tuning while reducing power noise by 30%. Along with Super Alloy Power specially formulated concreted chokes and harden MOSFETs to withstand greater stress and heat, Poseidon GTX 980 also uses Japanese-made black metallic solid-state capacitors for 20% better temperature endurance and 5 times longer lifespan.


Pulsates in glorious red when the card is active

ROG Poseidon GTX 980 exceeds your expectations while looking amazing. ROG LED pulsates in ROG red when the card is in use.

ROG Edition GPU Tweak

Real-time intuitive graphics tuning

GPU Tweak helps you modify clock speeds, voltages, fan performance and more, all via an intuitive interface. - Tuning Panel: Adjust GPU settings such as clock speed, voltage, memory clock, and fan speed. - User Profiles: Save up to four custom user profiles in the 1~4 buttons, or choose between preset Power Saving (S) and Gaming (G) modes. - Live Update: Automatically check and update graphics BIOS.

GPU Tweak Streaming

Stream online instantly!

GPU Tweak Streaming tool allows you to share on-screen action in real-time. Add scrolling text, pictures, and webcam images to the streaming window easily.

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  • ASUS ROG Poseidon GTX 980 4GB GDDR5 Graphic Card