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Model: 90XB063N-MTO020

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  • An intuition human interface, support 1024 pressure sensitivity
  • Accurate and precise touching makes SA200H stylus pen feel just like a real pen on paper
  • Replaceable tips: Easily replaced in a second without any tool.
  • Durable long life, average use of 2 hrs.
  • Compatible with MPP-compliant devices
  • Material: Front enclosure & tip shield: Aluminum Pen Cap: Plastic
  • Compatibility Model: Compatible with MPP 1.5 device. T103HAF, T102HA, T303UA, T304UA, T305CA, W7600H3A(SLTP)(NPI), TP401CA, TP401CAE, TP401CAS, TP401MA, TP401MAS, TP410UA, TP410UAR, TP410UF, TP203NA, TP203NAS, TP203NAH, TP401NA, TP401NAS, TP410UR, TP410URR, TP510UA, TP412UA, TP412FA, TP412FAC, TP420IA, TP470EA, TP470EZ, UX370UA, UX391UA, UX461UN, UX561UA, UX561UD, UX561UN, UX461UA, UX391FA, UX370UAF, UX362FA, UX461FN, UX461FA, UX462FA, UX462DA, UX481FA, UX481FAY, UX481 FL, UX481FLY, UX562FD, UX562FDX, UX581GV, UX370UAR, UX370UAA, UX560UA, Q504UA, Q505UA, UX562FA, UX563FD/UX563FL, UX463FA, UX5400EA, UX5400EG, UM5401UA, UM5401QA, UX5401EA, UX5401EAJ, UX562UG, Q537FD, Q506FA, Q526FA, UX562FAC, Q325UA, Q325UAR, Q326FA, Q406FA, Q406DA, Q536FDX, Q536FD, Q535UD, UX561UAR, Q505UAR, Q525UAR, Q525UN, UX561UNR, Q525UNR
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Unleash your potential and record the every moment of your creative idea!

SA200H stylus pen is an active stylus with a slim and elegant design offering a premium feel. It's the perfect accessory for your compatible ASUS touchscreen device, allowing you to draw, write or annotate intuitively in any supported app. Its pressure-sensitive tip replicates a natural writing experience, and with up to 12 months of use without needing to replace the battery, you'll be able to use SA200H stylus pen whenever and wherever you want.

Natural, Pen-like Feel

To make SA200H stylus pen feel just like a real pen on paper, it can detect over a thousand minute variations in pressure as you write — from 14g all the way up to 450g. It's perfectly calibrated to detect all the subtle variations and nuances of your writing or drawing, accurately reproducing the finest lines and the broadest brush strokes.

Accurate, at Any Angle

Even an ordinary pen can't write at extreme angles, and that's true for a stylus too. But SA200H stylus pen is carefully designed to maintain accurate cursor positioning when it's tilted - it exceeds the industry accuracy standard even when used at 45° — so you can hold it at whatever angle is comfortable for you, and still keep full control.

Near-Instant Response

The last thing you want when using a stylus is a delay between the time you write something and the time it appears on the screen. SA200H stylus pen has a near-instant response time at almost any writing speed, so your creativity can flow unhindered!

Smooth-flowing Lines and Curves

Linearity is a technical parameter that represents how smooth a line drawn with a stylus looks. SA200H stylus pen has a high 0.2mm linearity, meaning that the straight, diagonal or curved lines that you draw won't look rough or jagged, even when you zoom in on the detail.

In the Box

  • ASUS Pen 2 SA200H Active Stylus
  • AAAA Alkaline Battery
  • Replaceable tip
  • QSG