Amprobe AT-2004-A Advanced Wire Tracer Price in Pakistan

By: Amprobe

Model: 4416090


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Availability: Out of stock

  • Detects and traces wires buried in walls and floors, up to 13 feet (4 m) deep, as well as in plastic conduit, cable shield and computer cables
  • Traces energized wires and locates breakers without interrupting power
  • Traces de-energized wires (continuity and grounded wire) and pinpoints shorts and ground faults
  • Traces de-energized open (broken or disconnected) wires and locates the point where the wire is broken
  • Does not interfere with sensitive electronic equipment, such as in hospitals and data centers
  • Traces energized wires without power interruption: 9-300V (S2600-A Transmitter)
  • Locates breakers without power interruption: 9-300V (S2600-A Transmitter)
  • Traces unenergized wires (wire continuity and wire grounded at the end): S2600-A Transmitter and 9V batteries
  • Pinpoints shorts and ground faults: S2600-A Transmitter and 9V batteries
  • Traces unenergized open wires (broken or disconnected wire): T2200 Transmitter
  • Pinpoints place where wire is broken: T2200 Transmitter
  • Supplied with clamp-on attachment to inject signal without making a contact with bare wire: YES
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With the Amprobe AT-2004-A Wire Tracer you can trace live, de-energized, or open (broken) wires buried behind walls up to 13 feet (4 m) thick, without interrupting power.

It’s a great choice for finding wires in walls, locating breakers, neutrals, and ground lines, and zeroing in on shorts, ground faults, and broken wires. This electrical wire tracer doesn’t interfere with sensitive electronic equipment so it’s safe to use in data centers.

In the Box

  • Amprobe AT-2004-A Advanced Wire Tracer
  • R-2000 Receiver
  • S-2600-A Transmitter 9-300 V
  • T-2200 Transmitter for open tracing
  • A2201CE Clamp-on transmitter accessory
  • C2901 Cordset 110 volt plug to banana plugs
  • C2902 Cordset alligator clips to banana plugs
  • Required batteries