Upright GO 2 Half The Size Twice The Power Price in Pakistan

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Model: URF01W-IN

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  • Real-time stats and posture feedback
  • Builds upper back and core strength
  • Muscle memory training for lasting results
  • Gear up with the UPRIGHT Necklace
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Say "hello" to the latest in health and wellness technology, the UPRIGHT GO 2 . It's the simplest, fastest, and most natural way to improve your posture in just 2 weeks. The UPRIGHT GO 2 is 50% smaller than the original and fits more comfortably on the spine. It's so small, you'll hardly know you are wearing it.

Packed with enhanced multi-sensor technology, you can now experience greater precision in your journey to posture perfection. An impressive 35 hours of battery life per charge and a wider adhesive surface mean that you can now stick to your body alignment tracking and training longer than ever before.

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  • Upright GO 2 Half The Size Twice The Power