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How to pick the best rifle scope online?

Whether you are hunting or trying to see a farther trail while hiking, binoculars and riflescopes are some of the great options to help you during the activity. It might not come as a surprise but a rifle scope is an advanced form of a monocular. On the contrary, a binocular is designed to help you spot fainter objects from both the eyes. But when it comes to comparison, which one should you buy from Tejar.pk?

If you are hunting, a riflescope is a better choice, but a binocular is far easier to operate during hikes and other recreational activities.

As the hunting season is nearing, many shooters are upgrading to better rifle scopes for more wins. Without further ado, let’s dive into the features worth the price of riflescope in Pakistan:

Variable vs. fixed magnification power

Magnification is how much closer you’re able to see the target using the riflescope. For instance, if you pick a rifle scope with 3x magnification, it means you’d be able to see the target three times closer than it actually is. But what magnification power should you go for while hunting?

As with the telescope, buying a rifle scope with a high magnification power is like wasting your hard-earned money. If your shooting range is no more than 100 yards, Tejar.pk suggests going for magnification between 1x to 4x. However, if you are hunting in open landscapes, we suggest getting magnification between 9x to 12x.

Once the magnification power is decided, consider the types of magnification; variable and fixed power. As the terms suggest, you can use more than one magnification in a variable riflescope and only work with a single magnification in a fixed scope. It is better to go with a variable rifle scope as it allows you to hunt in different environments and settings.

Objective lens

Used for light transmission, the objective lens is located at the end of the spotting scope and is responsible for a brighter and clearer image. But that does not necessarily mean getting a scope with a big objective lens. It makes the unit prone to reflection, requires taller rings, and adds excess weight.

If you are using a low recoil gun for light hunting, it’s best to choose a 28mm objective lens. While hunting with a high-recoiled firearm, go for an objective lens that is 50mm or up.


The reticle is technically the aiming point as you target the animal through the rifle scope. The duplex reticle is ideal for hunting while the BDC is ideal for long-range shooting.

Elevation and windage knobs

Elevation and windage turrets are responsible for your riflescope’s horizontal and vertical settings. The elevation knob adjusts vertically while the windage knob adjusts left to right. When deciding on a rifle scope and its price in Pakistan, make sure to check the knobs’ quality. The knobs producing a loud clickety sound are reliable and of good quality. Some scopes also seem to have the third knob to eliminate parallax.

A good riflescope can turn you from a rookie to a hunting expert. Add the best scopes and their accessories to your firearms and enjoy the upcoming hunting season.