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Holographic sight vs. red dot: Which one is better for you?

Any unit with an aiming reticle or a red dot comes under the category of sight. It is a broad category containing different types of sights. The reflex and prism sights fall under the red dot category. But one of the advanced and newest types is the holographic sight.

The traditional red dot sight has been in the circle for a while now, but holographic units entail an impressive new technology. Let’s move straight to the facts and see which type is best suited for your outside activities.

Red dot sight

The optics that use illuminated reticles are called red dot sights. They are categorized into three types; holographic, reflex, and prism sights.

Prism and reflex red dot sights are lightweight and compact enough to fit easily on firearms. Many shooters also use them with monoculars and binoculars to hunt animals. They tend to have a long-lasting battery and are inexpensive as compared to the price of holographic sights in Pakistan. That being said, you can leave your red dot sight for up to 50,000 hours on a single battery.

On the downside, non-holographic sights have a reticle of two MOA. It means that the prism and reflex red dot sights will cover two inches of the target at 100 yards. If you want to amplify the effect, buy an external magnification unit from our binoculars accessories page and improve your hunting game.

Furthermore, the red dot sights do not function if the eyepiece or the lens is damaged. However, holographic sights escape this flaw.

Holographic sight

A holographic unit is an advanced form of red dot sight that uses mirrors and lasers to produce reticle projection. They provide a plethora of advantages over red dot sights and are only manufactured by two brands, Vortex and EOTech. You can buy from a wide range of Vortex holographic sights, available exclusively on

The reticle of a holographic sight remains focused, unlike that of a red dot sight. The prism red dot sight’s reticle becomes unfocused and blurry if you see it downfield. The holographic sights allow you to aim the target effortlessly for more kills during the hunting season.

If the lens is damaged, the holographic sights tend to work the same, unlike reflex and prism sights. The advanced holographic sights perform most of the long-range duties by distancing your target.

While holographic sights offer quick target acquisition, they come with short battery life and are usually heavier and more expensive. On the other hand, if you don’t want to break the bank and need incredible battery life, a traditional red dot sight is what you should go for.