Shishabucks Cloud One Hookah - Green and Black Price in Pakistan

By: Shishabucks

Model: H3-F37H-TQ97

Sku: 3MN157NGK5

Availability: Out of stock New

Availability: Out of stock

  • Premium full-size (70cm) anodized aluminum hookah with acrylic base. Features patent-pending 4-corner invisible purge.
  • Supports up to 4 hoses connected simultaneously.
  • Bowl and LED lamp are not included
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All metal parts are made from aluminum using CNC machining, sand blasting and anodizing. All bolts are made from stainless steel SS-316. Aluminum is considered a premium material for hookah as it cannot rust and relatively light.

The water base is made from thick acrylic with extremely wide opening for easy cleaning.

Every hookah is manually assembled and checked using multi-level quality control.

This hookah is extremely easy to clean with the warm water and soap. Due to anodized coating the downstem can be cleaned with rinse of warm water and would not contain flavors from previous sessions. Harsh cleaning chemicals or dishwasher chemicals should not be used on anodized aluminum as it can ruin the anodized layer.

In the Box

  • Anodized Aluminum Hookah with up to 4 hose connectors
  • Acrylic Water Container
  • Matte Silicone Hose with Aluminum Handle
  • Aluminum Screw-in Diffuser
  • Silicone Grommet for bowls of various shapes